The Daily UI Challenge is a fun side project to challenge your skills, and flex your creative muscles.

Already 1/10th of the way through the 100-day Daily UI challenge, and having a blast with it so far. You can follow my journey through the Daily UI Challenge here, or on my Dribbble.

Daily UI Challenge 006 - User Profile
Day 006

User Profile

I decided to make a design portfolio site that users can utilize to showcase their best work, and highlight their skill sets.

Daily UI Challenge 007 - Settings
Day 007


Weather apps are a dime a dozen, right? So what makes this one different? It lets you set the weather you want based on your custom preferences, rather than simply reporting what weather to expect. Look out for this app – it’s going to be huge!

Daily UI Challenge 008 - 404 Page
Day 008

404 Page

I decided to design something a little quirky – a 404 page that plays on the “missing” and “nothing here” theme, showing a barren desert. If you’re not looking for this one lonely tree, try searching for something else.

Daily UI Challenge 009 - Music Player
Day 009

Music Player

Santigold was fresh on my mind, after seeing her perform recently in Atlanta, so I designed a simple music player app playing my favorite Santigold song.

Daily UI Challenge 010 - Social Sharing
Day 010

Social Sharing

I designed a content sharing widget integrated into some sort of reader app (could be a news reader, rss feed reader, etc.), allowing users to highlight text and share interesting quotes directly from the article itself.

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