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I designing products and experiences for businesses.

Based out of San Francisco Atlanta, my passion is connecting the dots between the goals of people and the objectives of businesses through design.

I’m currently working at Facebook, designing business tools for advertisers. Previously, I was a product designer at Evident in Atlanta, designing products that help make the world a safer place by rethinking the way personal data is shared between individuals and businesses.

I also have a creative background outside of product design, particularly in illustration. My work has been featured everywhere from the covers of top-10 bestselling rock albums to the prominent ground floor windows of the Good Morning America studios in Times Square, and a whole bunch of places in between.

If you want to get in touch, you could ask me about… my name got into a Wikipedia article.

…my work being featured in Times Square.

…how I helped a client win a $45M contract.

…which rock star I shared pizza and beers with.