Hey! I'm Gareth 👋

I’m a product designer living at Facebook with a passion for creating digital experiences that help connect people to their goals and businesses to their objectives. I’m based out of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Previously, I worked at Evident in Atlanta, designing products that help make the world a safer place by revolutionizing the way personal data is shared.


COVID-19 monitoring solution
UX Design

COVID-19 Monitoring Solution for Essential Workers

Guiding essential workers back to work during the COVID-19 pandemic
UX design for talent sourcing app
UX Design

Workforce Management App for Optimizing Cost in New Markets

Workforce Management and Talent Requisition Application

Branding a Tech Company for Trust and Safety

Branding and Visual Identity System for a Cybersecurity Startup
UX Design

Analytical Ecosystem for Data-Driven Decision Making

Inter-Disciplinary Application Suite for Global Pharmaceutical Brand
UX design for urgent care application suite
UX Design

Urgent Care App for Monitoring Performance

Real-Time Physician Performance and Engagement Monitoring
UX Design

Improving Restaurant Operational Efficiency

Consultative Account Management Tool for Online Reservation Service

Some articles I’ve written about UX design

Because sometimes a picture can’t do what a thousand words can. You can read more about what I do, the processes I use, and more in the writing section of this site.

You should ask me about…

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…how my name got into a Wikipedia article.

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…why my work was featured in Times Square.

A month in the busiest intersection in the world.

…how I helped a client win a $45M dream contract.

Hint: four weeks of UX design and very little sleep.

…which rock star I shared pizza and beers with.

What happens on the tour bus stays on the tour bus.

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