Hey! I'm Gareth 👋

I’m a product designer at Facebook with a passion for creating digital experiences that help connect people to their goals and businesses to their objectives. 

Previously, I worked at Evident in Atlanta, designing products that help make the world a safer place by revolutionizing the way personal data is shared.


UX design for talent sourcing app
UX Design

Workforce Management App for Optimizing Cost in New Markets

Workforce Management and Talent Requisition Application

Branding a Tech Company for Trust and Safety

Branding and Visual Identity System for a Cybersecurity Startup
UX Design

Analytical Ecosystem for Data-Driven Decision Making

Inter-Disciplinary Application Suite for Global Pharmaceutical Brand
UX design for urgent care application suite
UX Design

Urgent Care App for Monitoring Performance

Real-Time Physician Performance and Engagement Monitoring
UX Design

Improving Restaurant Operational Efficiency

Consultative Account Management Tool for Online Reservation Service
UX Design

Forensic Insights for Business Health at a Glance

Executive Overview for Global Producer of Freesheet Paper

Some articles I’ve written about UX design

Because sometimes a picture can’t do what a thousand words can. You can read more about what I do, the processes I use, and more in the writing section of this site.

You should ask me about…

I’m serious, I’d love to tell you about these things.

…how my name got into a Wikipedia article.

It’s not easy to find, but I swear its there.

…why my work was featured in Times Square.

A month in the busiest intersection in the world.

…how I helped a client win a $45M dream contract.

Hint: four weeks of UX design and very little sleep.

…which rock star I shared pizza and beers with.

What happens on the tour bus stays on the tour bus.

It's a conversation starter. Ask away!