Hey! I'm Gareth 👋

I’m a product/UX designer with a passion for creating digital experiences that help connect people to their goals. 

Thanks for visiting my UX design portfolio. I’m currently working at Evident in Atlanta, designing products that help make the world a safer place by revolutionizing the way personal data is shared.


UX design for talent sourcing app
UX Design

Workforce Management App for Optimizing Cost in New Markets

Workforce Management and Talent Requisition Application

Branding a Tech Company for Trust and Safety

Branding and Visual Identity System for a Cybersecurity Startup
UX Design

Analytical Ecosystem for Data-Driven Decision Making

Inter-Disciplinary Application Suite for Global Pharmaceutical Brand
UX design for urgent care application suite
UX Design

Urgent Care App for Monitoring Performance

Real-Time Physician Performance and Engagement Monitoring
UX Design

Improving Restaurant Operational Efficiency

Consultative Account Management Tool for Online Reservation Service
UX Design

Forensic Insights for Business Health at a Glance

Executive Overview for Global Producer of Freesheet Paper

Thanks for checking out my UX design portfolio

Here's a few skills I'd love to talk about bringing to your next project.
User Experience

I consider all aspects of how end-users and personas will interact with the product, and bridge the gap between business objectives and user requirements.

UX Research

I conduct user interviews and usability studies to formulate a strategic approach to UX design, with a deep understanding of user requirements, converting feedback to insights.


Wireframes, storyboards and user flow diagrams are the tools of the trade for a UX designer because they’re an integral part of mapping out the user experience.

UX Design

I design the end-user workflows and interactions with the intent of delivering business results while creating engaging and impactful digital experiences.


What’s better than a beautifully-designed concept? One that you can actually touch, click through, and test before development starts.

User Interface

I design interactive digital products end-to-end, from initial wireframes to final interface, ensuring a final set up that is consistent with the product architecture.

Design Systems

Creating the individual components and visual language that provides a consistent brand experience across digital products.

UI Design

The end-user interface that drives the interactions, bringing harmony between form and function.

Responsive Design

Websites that look beautiful, optimized to look just as good on every device out of the box.

Design Assets

Final design deliverables, such as icons, illustrations, diagrams, and other brand-enhancing assets.

Customer Experience

I map out the end-to-end experience that takes your users on an amazing journey, starting with the first second they learn of your company, all the way to becoming advocates for your brand.


Nurturing a deep understanding of segments of customers or users that will interact with your brand or product.

User Needs

Defining the essential criteria that will motivate personas to make decisions throughout the customer journey.


Discovering the underlying principles that should be felt and identifying the criteria for driving meaningful interactions at each touch point.

Journey Flow

Dividing the journey into stages, identifying needed touch points, and sentiment scoring, to identify the gaps in the journey.

I’d love to add your next project to my UX design portfolio.

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…why my work was featured in Times Square.

A month in the busiest intersection in the world.

…how I helped a client win a $45M dream contract.

Hint: four weeks of UX design and very little sleep.

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Some articles I’ve written about UX design

Because sometimes a picture can’t do what a thousand words can. You can read more about what I do, the processes I use, and more in the writing section of this site.