Global Pharmaceuticals

Empowering pharmaceutical reps through data

An analytical ecosystem for strategic interdisciplinary decision making.

Sales Acceleration App for Tactical Insights

Accelerates sales by enabling tactical insights for data-driven decision-making, and strengthens customer relationships by supporting data-oriented customer conversations.

Sales acceleration app

High level overview of sales activity and market share goals

Trends in sales of prescription drugs over time in a specific geographic region

Tracking incentive compensation related to sales performance

Resource Allocation App for Managing Budgets and Samples

Provides regional leaders a high levels of control over how resources are distributed within their geography, and shows when funds and samples will be made available, and how they will be allocated.

Resource allocation app

A summary of budget usage and a timeline of when funds will be available for allocation

Granular control over allocations with recommendations based on historic usage

Tracking the breakdown of allocations, with comparison to forecast spend

Market Analysis App for Identifying Opportunities

Provides understanding of product market share in relation to competitor products, allowing executives to identify the greatest opportunities, and pinpoint strategic account growth goals.

A summary view of overall market share for a prescription medication within a geographic region

A summary view of accounts with thresholds for identifying priority accounts.

Benchmarking sales performance to track incentive compensation