Application Suite Designed for Health Providers and Urgent Care Centers

UrgentCare365 is a flexible suite of applications designed for health providers to improve performance and operational efficiency through real-time physician performance and engagement monitoring. The central Control Center application allows clinics and health providers to monitor patient throughput and activity using real-time analytics. With immediate visual displays of which operational goals are not being met, the application increases awareness of facility processes. The Control Center is designed to function as either a desktop application, or on a large format display, optimized to function with simple hand motion gestures in environments where cross-contamination risks limit the use of touch controls or other input devices such as a mouse or keyboard.

The companion mobile application, designed specifically for teams of physicians, helps increase physician performance and engagement by continual tracking of key metrics and transparency into team performance, with the intent of promoting and recognizing high performers, and motivating and inspiring underperformers. At it’s core, the mobile app is centered around the use of Relative Value Units (RVU), a methodology that measures a physician’s productivity. RVU’s are typically multiplied by a geographic practice cost in a formula that calculates the compensation for physician services.

My Role

UX Designer, UI Designer


Leading Urgent Care Provider



UI/UX design for an application suite designed for health providers
UI/UX design for an application suite designed for health providers